"Harmony and spirit"
"Harmony and spirit"

"Harmony and spirit"

Solo exhibition Iskren Iliev ISI

1975- born in Varna, Bulgaria. 1996- lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Contemporary figurative artist interested in painting, etching, stage design, light and video performances.


1989-1996 Gymnasium of Fine Arts Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1996-2006 University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, Specialisation in Painting

Selected Solo exhibition

2013 - A&B Gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria)
2013 - "Alte Kunst" at Gallery Offenes Atelier(Vienna)
2014 - Vernissage at SEED DESIGN (Vienna)
2014 - "Lebenssprachen" at BKP Gallery(Vienna)
2015 - "Urban Hope" at VIVA Art Gallery (Vienna)
2016 - Gallery Linde(Maria Woerth)
2017 - "Dust and Dreams" at Gallery Rimini (Arena di Serdika, Sofia, Bulgaria)
2017 - "N.N." at Gallery Crystal (Obereggen, Italy)

Pictures from the exhibition

"Harmony and spirit" 3
"Harmony and spirit" 5
"Harmony and spirit" 6
"Harmony and spirit" 8
"Harmony and spirit" 17
"Harmony and spirit" 18
"Harmony and spirit" 20
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