"Between the earth and the sky"
Painting exhibition by Georgi Dinev and Ivan Stratiev


"Between the earth and the sky"
"The place of the sun"
"Flowers in My Garden I"
"Flowers in My Garden II"
"The "caught river"
"The beginning of a long dream"
"Upper and lower laugh"
"Зависими пространства"
"Rolling Diamonds"
"The lark`s song"
"Impression I"
"Impression II"
"On the sofa"
"Pomegranates and irises"
"Sunny street in Toledo"
"Toledo Street"
"Last Sunshine"
"Two pumpkins"


Lachezar Oshavkov - retrospective exhibition
"White stripe"
"Summer feelings"
"Harmony and spirit"
"Christmas mix"
A piece of wood
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